Sunday, June 24, 2012


Seriously like 7 months.... I'd blame it on the kids, but we all know I dont have any. 
 Pretty much I'm going to attempt to catch up!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Af Freak Yah" Seychelles

What can I say other than "I wish I could stay......4-EvEr"
 The beaches are Pretty but I really really wanted to bond with the turtles. I promised myself not to buy any more tourist crap, somehow we ended up coming home with a 15 pound wooden turtle
(but i love her)

 Our only scare was driving on the other side of the road with massive ditches on both sides that the car could fall into Eeek.
 We land and they wouldn't even let us out of the airport without having a place to stay. They counted all our money asked how many credit cards we had and how much money was on them.
Turns out
poor-cheap people
 are not aloud in Seychelles. I don't know how we got in
seeing how we're pretty much all of the above
 Our Pad- the cheapest place to stay on the whole island
which we were pretty happy with
 Steve the StroNg

 Dinner for TwO
 Everywhere we go we eat what they eat

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Goodbye Dubai, Hello Abu Dhabi

Well what can we say, other than OnE of the reason we headed to Dubai was for the 777 Business Class. And it was well worth it. I thought I was going to suffocate on the flight from SLC to Atlanta. And that was only 4 hours. (I was in coach and the flight was packed) However the 13 hour flight to Dubai was a breeze. I don't know how I am going to adjust when we loose these benefits.   
Our Hotel had a roof top pool. We did actually get in.
 Burj al Khalifa. Tallest building in the world.  You may look at this pic and think "wow" building. But when I look at this pic I think "wow" SteVe your so HoT. he he
 Compared to the other buildings it is pretty tall. Twice as tall as the Empire State Building if you need a reference. plus for all you mission impossible fans (its in the new movie)
Another reason we wanted to go to Dubai was to snowboard indoor. Ski Dubai is inside the mall. As you can see the indoor Resort is pretty much a winter wonderland!
 Fake Snow and All

So you could rent everything there but gloves. Who goes to the desert and brings gloves, NOBODY (including us). And if you know my husband we are not going to pay for something we have at home (plus they were pretty pricey). So socks it was and they worked just fine.

Steve is so CooL (ha ha)

The beach was grand, in the background is the 7 star hotel the Burj Al Arab it the one that looks like a sail. Steve and I were totally going to stay there but it wasn't in our budget (surprise surprise)

Dubai Marina- I actually really liked it here. It was super chill and the weather was awesome the whole week. So lets be honest. There really isn't a ton to do in Dubai. See the crazy building and shop. They say shopping is there #1 sport. Yep in Dubai its considered a sport.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Seriously Utah

I might have to stop going to U games because lately when I show up they LoSe 
It was freezing and my mom and I bundled up and went despite the chance of rain or snow.

only to be devastated by the loss. Atleast we have a Bowl game to look forward too!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thank you Delta

When Steve applied for Delta they asked him how long he planned on working for them. He said "my wife will never let me quit". I'm pretty sure that is why he got hired, and at least he was being honest because I probably wont....... EVER let him quit. ha ha

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Grandma Hafen

I can't imagine a world without you here
Luckily I know you will always be near.
There are so many memories, where to begin
You were more than just a Grandma, more than a friend.

You were the center of our universe and will always be....
Forever in our lives, a constant memory.

Your advice and support helped us all through
the good times and bad, what are we going to do without you?

We're going to try to be strong and faithful as well,
so we can all return to Heaven with you and not "Oh... hell".

We're going to shower people with compliments, like you always did.
Tell them “we're proud and that they’re such a good kid!”

Whenever we see anyone we’ll also tell them they're cute
And tell ourselves not forget to say shit, damn, or hell sometimes instead of just "shoot".

 We're going to spend weekends in Pinto and still flood the lawn.
Sit by the campfire, roast mellows and wish you weren't gone.
We'll play pinochle and zilch and be thinking of you
And your constant love which will still get us through.
Speaking of love, your love for the Jazz will not die alone.
I'll never forget you crushing on Karl Malone.
You last words of advice I'll also remember forever--
"You don’t have to be in bed to have fun".
You were always so clever.
And no matter the occasion you'd bust into tears
Birthdays, proms, graduations, any family gatherings over the years.

Those sweet tears you would cry on a daily basis
if we collected them all, we'd have our own oasis.

Constant family get-togethers will not be the same,
I'm afraid without your humor they might get a bit lame.

Off course the holidays are going to be really hard...
Christmas Eve program, coloring eggs, and the pumpkin carve.

Are just a few of the many Family Traditions we'll cherish always
And will remember you Grandma with utter amaze.

The example you set we will all try to continue.
Grandma Hafen Patterson we sure do miss and love you!!!

I grew up spending weekends in Pinto with this bunch. It was really just me and the boys but because I have gotten so close to Magen we finally included her (ha ha ha)

The Funeral went amazing. It was filled with memories and laughter.
We released 100 balloons and they headed straight for Pinto. Coincidence.... I don't think so